Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Halfway Log Dump

Early Sunday morning and I have the entire place to myself. This is worth the long weekend, the 2500 mile flight with a coffee stop at O'Hare, the 200 miles of driving, and the 1km walk through the woods. I'd do it again.

Another beautiful gravel/cobble beach on the shores of Georgian Bay. Dolomite ledges to the east with white dolostone cobbles scattered across the surface, lined up in the crevices, and piled against the low seacliff. The broad flat ledge was 1-2 feet above lake level, which made walking the shore simple, but I saw a picture in town yesterday showing the ledges below lake level.

A small sea stack. Ancient white cedars growing out of cracks in the rocks. And a rounded knoll on the platform that I suspect was a particularly dense part of the coral reef that was forming here a mere 400 million years ago.

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