Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beluga Slough

Beluga Slough is a tidal marsh and lagoon on Homer's northern shoreline, between Bishop's Beach and Munson Point. It has formed in a long, low trough, the upper end of which has been dammed off by the road to create the lake the seaplanes land on. There's a nice view of the Slough from the Alaska Islands/Kachemak Bay Visitor Center and easy access from Bishop's Beach and the Two Sisters Bakery.

The slough is linked to the sea via a tidal inlet that gets pushed by longshore drift westward toward Munson Point. This poses a problem for the private property owners on that side, so apparently someone goes out and rearranges the channel now and then. It must be a challenge for naturalists working on the marsh when some eight-year old asks them why there is bulldozer in the slough or out on the beach.

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