Friday, July 02, 2010

Harlem River

I suppose even a New Yorker might not know much about the Harlem River, other than that it separates Manhattan from the Bronx. Both the Green and the Orange Lines to Yankee Stadium go under the river and the river is easily neglected (and has been neglected). I thought it was a neat industrial river (although like most industrial rivers, it is really more a canal than a river), with high arch bridges and lift bridges and swing bridges (no bascule bridges, our Seattle favorite) and all sorts of 19th and 20th century shoreline archaeology.

The bedrock road cuts along the Harlem River Drive were impressive and unexpected.The shorelines were a hodge podge of bulkheads of various sorts and vintages, riprap, collapsed piers, debris, railroad lines, and even some forest hanging over the bank up near the Columbia University sports facilities and Inwood Hill Park.

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