Saturday, June 14, 2008

Point Wilson

This isn't the first post about Point Wilson, nor will it be the last. It's just a nice case study in the conflict between a static human (albeit a rich cultural one) landscape and a moving shoreline - and one I have the opportunity to revisit fairly frequently. The north shore is moving south. The riprap and the lighthouse and the parking lot are not. Pretty simple problem; not so simple a solution.

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Regular readers (that's an interesting assumption, isn't it) will note a shift in my approach to geo-locating posts. Previously, the titles of the posts from the Puget Sound region linked to a series of Ecology air photos. From here on I will be linking to Google Maps, since it provides better interactivity with other posts and photos. I may gradually go back and update links in previous posts. I may retain linkage to the Ecology air photos, but I'll do it in a different way
(e.g. Point Wilson). I wish I could link to our more recent oblique photos - but currently the agency's map server doesn't allow this.

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