Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Deception Pass

This beach on the northwest side of Whidbey Island, just outside of Deception Pass, isn't quite on the open ocean, but it still made a good Pacific Coast terminus to my trek across North America. The adventure didn't include too many beaches, but there were some, and I've tried to capture those in the previous posts.

West Beach, because it faces the exposed Strait of Juan de Fuca, displays more of the characteristics of higher energy beaches - including the development of offshore bars - than most beaches on the Salish Sea. It's also a fairly robust barrier, with beach ridges and dunes and a back barrier lagoon (Cranberry Lake: March 2007).

The smaller beaches below the bridge that face on Deception Pass itself are very different and a little hard to figure out (Deception Pass: May 2016). They look much more like pocket beaches, although the orientation is tough to characterize and I doubt they're closed to sediment transport - either in or out.

Presumably, my bike will be less of a feature in my subsequent posts. It was sort of hard to avoid in this recent batch since it was a critical part of my visits. Anyone who's interested in more of the backstory to the bike trip can check: Biketrip2019: Backroads and Bikepaths.

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