Thursday, May 17, 2018

Weaverling Spit

The new beach at Weaverling Spit has progressed in three phases, the most recent of which was completed this past fall.


Each phase was designed a bit differently, reflecting slightly different site conditions, objectives, and perhaps lessons along the way. Of course, I suspect budgets and permit requirements were slightly different on each phase, too. All three involved beach nourishment, combined with planting of the bank/backshore and the use of anchored logs as small sills or groins.

Phase 1, farthest west, is 9(?) years old now and looks great.

Phase 2, in the middle, was done a few years later. The nature of the anchored log sills was different - the root masses were oriented differently and they were placed fairly high compared to the adjacent beach grade.

Phase 3 is still fresh and I assume plantings are planned. The folks who rent out those RV spots probably don't want trees and thick brush, but there are a lot of good options. The berm is much larger, although I suspect this is a function of the backshore being lower here than on the earlier phases.

Note the log placed perpendicular to the beach immediately west of the boat ramp at the easternmost end of the project. I assume this was to limit the movement of the added sediment onto the ramp - which might be expected since the new nourished beach is slightly higher (and there's a slight tendency for eastward drift of material along here anyway). I'll be curious to see how well this works.

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