Friday, October 19, 2012


The old concrete bulkhead at Anna Smith Park had stood for decades - well, most of it had stood for decades.  Some segments hadn't made it so long.  But its original purpose was at best a fuzzy memory and it offered an opportunity to recover a natural shoreline.  The wall, along with some of the rubble behind it, was pulled out a few weeks ago and the remaining back fill is rapidly redistributing itself on the beach.


Kitsap Sun (30 August 2012)

The sites that lend themselves to removing seawalls are probably a lot harder to find than the sites that lend themselves to building seawalls - although there is some thinking these days that maybe some sort of balance can be achieved.  I suspect that even if we can, we will find that the types of locations where we can take them out are significantly different than the types of locations where we can't stop them from going in!  Which makes simplistic thinking about the net gain or loss of armored shorelines ... simplistic.

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