Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lake Missoula

15,000 years ago, Missoula was underwater.  Something like 40 times.  And each time the ice dam would break and the water would race across Idaho and Washington and out the Columbia Gorge to the Pacific.  But between dam breaks, the lake carved shorelines into the hills above the University.

Saturday morning (September 2nd) I hiked up to the "M" on Mount Sentinel, which provided great views of the strand lines across the way on Mount Jumbo.  They show up well in the low light - but are pretty subtle when you're actually climbing across them.

Lake Bonneville (July 2007)

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Dave Wenning said...

It's difficult to imagine. Even the effects, Dry Falls, the Grand Coulee and the Scablands don't make it easier. Your photos do help a little. Thanks.