Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mutiny Bay

I spent the day at Sound Waters but headed out while I still had some daylight left. There was no way I was going to spend a beautiful Saturday on Whidbey without actually going to a few beaches! As usual, the event was well packed and well run. As usual, congratulations to Beach Watchers and all the volunteers that make it happen.

The end of Robinson Road is a good way to experience the sandy beaches of Mutiny Bay. Every year a few thousand cubic yards of sand (that's a guess) heads past here on its long trip from Double Bluff to Bush Point. The abundant sand wreaks havoc with the boat ramp and with the outfall that drains the area behind the beach. I've never seen the beach - any beach - looking quite like this one did today. Intertidal lumps - it looked like a big pile of wet sand had been shaken. I honestly have no idea what happened here, but it sure looked cool!

Historically, Mutiny Bay consisted of a beautiful series of slender spits stretched out around the bay with large wetlands behind and occasional tidal inlets. Hard to tell now, beneath all the big houses. The lagoons are pastures or lawns and the only tidal inlets left are the drain outfalls.

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