Sunday, April 17, 2016


I've got better pictures of this shoreline from my last visit, but the tide was lower this last week and revealed more of the beach. This was just a quick stop before dinner and we didn't stay long.

Dundarave: October 2011

The groin (or mole) here at the end of 25th Street probably started as a pier, but was eventually filled in, and a nice pocket beach has formed on its western (updrift) side. A smaller, lower energy beach has formed in the lee of the structure as well. But there isn't much mobile sediment on these beaches once you get away from the structure.


The shoreline farther east (in the distance) is heavily armored and gets hammered during high tide storms. But there probably aren't many people strolling along the trail on those days - just work crews clearing logs and gravel off the walkway.

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