Monday, July 13, 2015

Baker Beach

Whereas Crissy Field lies just inside the Golden Gate, Baker Beach lies just outside. And as a result, it was about 20 degrees colder! Whereas Crissy Field is an estuarine barrier beach, Baker Beach is more of a pocket beach, tucked in below steep bluffs of serpentinite.

The upscale Sea Cliff neighborhood is perched on the rocky cliffs above the southwest end of the beach - the closest homes isolated from the public by walls and chainlink fence.


The USGS has produced some beautiful sonar maps of the sea bottom off the Golden Gate, including an amazing field of sand waves in the deeper water offshore of this beach.

Under the Golden Gate Bridge, Dartnell and others, 2006.

This is the last post from my June road trip, which also means I've finally caught up. I've also caught up on my other blog. The road trip generated almost 30 entries on hshipman ("roadtrip2015") - and while there is a little bit of overlap with this one, most of the entries over there aren't beaches.

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