Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Indian Island

The next three posts are out of order - they date to an April paddle on Kilisut Harbor and somehow got lost in my drafts folder. A conversation with a colleague reminded me about them and prompted me to finish them up.  I thought about back-dating them, but then decided there was no reason to.

I do want to note that this is the 500th post to this blog!  I'll have to write up something in honor of the occasion -- but haven't yet.

Kilisut Harbor (hshipman: April 2012) is the narrow bay between Indian and Marrowstone Islands, cut off at the south end by a tombolo (Marrowstone Isthmus: 2010) and almost cut off at the north end by a long spit - there will be a subsequent post on it's orphaned tip (Rat Island).


Indian Island is a naval munitions facility and is off limits without clearances and escorts, but paddling a discrete distance from shore seems to be okay.  Unfortunately, some of the more interesting features along this eastern shore of the island are a couple spits and back-barrier marshes - which are difficult to observe from kayak level.  Most of this side of the island consists of a modest bluff - mainly till as far as I could tell.  There were some impressive boulders - including one that was practically as high as the bluff behind it.

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Ken Campbell said...

Congratulations on your 500th! It's just a number (but it's a pretty big number!)

I've enjoyed reading your entries... keep it up.