Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clear Lake

High in the mountains of Manitoba...well, everything is relative, particularly the mountains of Manitoba.  Much of Manitoba is as flat as a cornfield - and some parts, like the huge leftover lakes Manitoba and Winnipeg, are even flatter.  But Riding Mountain National Park rises above the prairie and supports a rolling landscape of birch and spruce forest.

Wasagaming, on the southern shore of Clear Lake, is the only major development in the park, and by development, we mean vintage tourist cabin resorts and a public beach.  The beach here must be packed in the summer, but it seemed a bit out of place and I suspect it isn't original, or at least it isn't what this shoreline looked like two hundred years ago.  After all, where would all this nice raked sand have come from?

The best beaches on Riding Mountain are much more subtle and I couldn't capture them in pictures.  Lake Aggasiz, back in glacial times, lapped against the northern and eastern edge of the hills leaving a series of beach ridges that are now covered in aspens.  Which I guess means that this post continues the theme of the last post, which also deals with the shorelines of long ago lakes.

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