Saturday, February 06, 2010

Double Bluff

The end of Double Bluff Road was packed with cars, but I found a space and joined the crowd. Fortunately, it thinned out pretty quickly as I headed across the new spits and made my way to Double Bluff itself - arguably the biggest and best bluff on Puget Sound.

I will save more of my beach observations for a longer visit with better light. I'm sure I will be back.

What a great way to end the day - before racing off to catch the 6PM ferry back to the big city.

Sound Waters is a great excuse to visit Whidbey Island on a Saturday in February. If you search the blog for the label "Whidbey", you will find that several of the posts sprung from these trips. (Wow - 29 entries come up for Whidbey - I must spend way too much time up here!)

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