Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clark Point

I lashed my bike to a tree at Young's Park on the east side and walked around Clark Point over to West Beach. This beachwalk offers great views of Sinclair and Cypress Islands.

Although much of the point is comprised of high eroding bluffs, the point is flanked by fringing barriers. The barrier on the east side is now developed - that's where the Resort and the Park are located. But the barrier on the west side was special. This side of the island is sandier, giving rise to a wider backshore and, at least in the past, the opportunity to actually build small dunes. Hard to tell, though, since the dunes and backshore are now a heavily forested terrace extending back a hundred feet or more to the high bluff.
The houses are way back on top - out of sight.

I'm often asked about my favorite beaches on Puget Sound. This has got to be one of them. Maybe it's a good thing it's a little difficult to get to.

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