Monday, March 02, 2009

Skagit Delta

Little Mountain, just southeast of Mount Vernon, provides another great overview of the Skagit Flats. The Skagit flows through Mount Vernon in big sweeping, levee-lined bends, then splits into two distributaries (the south fork and the north fork) which create two sides of triangular Fir Island - the third side of which is Skagit Bay. As the river has grown out into the Sound, it has gradually engulfed islands which are now hills amidst the delta flats. In addition, as the delta reached Fidalgo and Samish Islands it created three separate bays - Skagit, Padilla, and Samish. The southern portion of the Skagit overlaps with the northern edge of the Stilliguamish Delta, although Camano Island now forms a fairly clear demarcation between the two.

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