Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Warm Beach

The week of Thanksgiving. A miserable wet and windy day in Seattle, but a wonderfully blustery day on Port Susan. Seems like everyone wants their own private tram to cart them up and down their 150' bluffs, which is why we were out today. This is wonderful stretch of beach, particularly at low tide (which it wasn't this trip) when you look out across the front of the Stilliguamish Delta. The sand on the upper beach is moving north with longshore drift (waves from the south) but the low-tide terrace is really just part of the delta and is probably expanding to the south.

There is lots of big wood in Port Susan since it's north and downwind of Everett and the mouth of the Snohomish River. This was one of the largest log jams I've seen on a beach - it starts to act like a groin, impounding sediment and affecting local wave action.

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