Monday, February 06, 2006

Cama Beach

The bulkhead survived the storm, although much of the footing has been re-exposed. The launch area in front of the boathouse didn't fare as well. It looks like the damage was mainly due to erosion by return flow. The waves dumped large volumes of water over the seawall and it had to drain out somewhere - it chose to do so around and under the ramp, removing a large volume of the underlying gravel and resulting in the concrete collapsing. Must have been quite a stream during yesterday's falling tide.

The stream at the south end, which has ended in a mini-lagoon behind the gravel berm for most of the last decade, is now flowing freely across the beach. We believe this is a result of the heavy rains in January, not Saturday's storm. It is building a nice little delta on the lower beach face. The stream has exposed some old concrete slabs beneath the beach surface.

Flooded cabins behind seawall at southern end. This area is probably old fill and drains poorly. The lower areas farther north (the original lagoon) flood quickly at extreme tides, but also drain quickly as the tide recedes.