Saturday, November 25, 2017

Matunuck Beach

Matunuck Point forms a broad headland, bounded by barrier beaches in both directions. The headland, as elsewhere along this coast, is the result of more resistant glacial sediment at or above modern sea level. Resistant, but not permanent, and the entire coastline is gradually receding (as are most coastlines).


And as elsewhere, receding coastlines pose a challenge for beach communities, which generally do not recede at the same pace (or with the same ease). Beaches narrow, storm damages increase, and great efforts are taken to buy additional time. These efforts are inevitably expensive, and in the case of seawalls and riprap, require sacrificing the beach itself.

The Ocean Mist extends out across the beach, which probably makes it wonderful in the summer, exciting in the winter, and awfully temporary in the long run. South Kingston Town Beach, just to the west, is similar, although at least there is room to work with and some of the facilities have been relocated landward in the last couple of years.

The photos include Deep Hole Beach, at the east end, the central stretch at the Ocean Mist and Carpenter's Beach, and Town Beach at the west end.

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