Sunday, November 26, 2017

Green Hill Beach

Continuing west from South Kingston and Moonstone, Green Hill is the next glacial ridge that extends to the sea, creating some high ground on which to build homes and a slight promontory where it hits the shore.


When I walked out to the beach, I was struck by how beat up it looked. And when a local showed up a little while later, he seemed just as surprised and indicated it was very recent. Perhaps the previous week's storm? The beach face seemed heavily eroded and a significant scarp had cut into the dune, undermining vegetation and sand fencing.

I was impressed - both on the ground and in the aerial imagery - by the large armored property just to the east. I realize that from the property owner's perspective it may seem the only option to hang onto their ephemeral rectangle of land, but to me it looked like a very expensive way to hang onto a big square of lawn. And it seems like the longer these armored headlands are maintained, the more they project into the sea, and the more they begin to impact adjacent shorelines in unexpected ways.

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