Sunday, November 26, 2017

Charlestown Beach

This was an even briefer stop than the others. I was concerned that I hadn't left enough time to get all the way to Watch Hill before it got dark. And my hands were cold. But you never know what you're going to find when you're visiting new beaches and I figured I still had just enough time to swing by this one.

I suppose the same storm that takes out the house at Moonstone Beach will also take out this one, too.


This is probably an appropriate place to mention Jon Boothroyd. Many coastal geologists first learned about beach monitoring from Jon at URI, during surveys of some of the same beaches I've visited in the last few posts. I suspect that's the context in which I first heard about Charlestown Beach - either from Boothroyd himself at a conference or from his students.

If I'd left a little more time, I might have driven to the end of the road to the west to look at the breachway (the local term for a tidal inlet maintained with jetties). But I also knew there was a Dave's Coffee back on US 1, between here and my last stops of the day farther west.

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