Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bayview State Park

Bayview is just down the road from the Padilla Bay Reserve and an easy place to check out during a short lunch break. Although I knew there was work planned here, I was never clear just what was going to be done - or even just what problem was to be solved. Not that this site hasn't had problems - the inevitable consequence of it's artificial creation many decades ago, it's rectangular footprint, and it's unnatural projection out into the bay.


Here's a post from a few years ago - Bayview: January 2012 - which may provide some hints as to the recent work. Previously, two terminal groins and two intermediate groins maintained a nourished beach on the western edge of this rectangular pad of historic fill.

The new project has removed the intermediate groins, enlarged the terminal groins, and added a lot of gravel. The beach at the south end of the site, which never amounted to much, has been significantly enhanced with gravel and logs. And the backshore has been improved with plantings and some effort to manage beach access points.

Overall, it looks pretty good. The end corners, where much extra sediment was placed, will continue to adjust -- and I suspect the additional material was placed with this in mind. We'll keep watching.

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