Friday, October 21, 2016

Valentia Island

This post captures several different shorelines, none of them beaches, from around Valentia Island. Valentia lies at the west end of the Iveragh Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry, across a narrow channel from Portmagee - see photo below. The island's southern side consists of green slopes that gently rise to a ridge along the crest of the island. From the south, you don't get much sense of the drama on the other side.


Bray Head forms the western end of the island. Geokaun Mountain, in the central part, is the highest part of the island. The mountain's north side drops sharply - the Fogher Cliffs - and looks suspiciously like a very large landslide. There's a great view east from the top of Geokaun, looking over bays and islands towards Cahersiveen and beyond that, the higher interior of the peninsula. There's an old, but still active, slate quarry below the northeastern side of Geokaun Mountain. And on the low seacliffs nearby, there are apparently footprints left by Devonian Tetrapods (we didn't visit either the quarry or the trackway).

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