Monday, October 10, 2016

Minard Castle

Minard Castle has been hanging on a thread ever since Oliver Cromwell's men blew up its foundations (and it's occupants, too) in 1650.


The beach has been hanging on much longer than that. Boulders, originally excavated from the Old Red Sandstone of the surrounding cliffs, have been rounded and built into a spectacular storm berm. Beal na gCloc is Gaelic for Bay of Stones.

There's some great imagery of the beach as well as history of the castle at Voices from the Dawn.

This beach is located a few miles southeast of Dingle at the head of Kilmurry Bay. It would fun to see it, from a safe distance, in the midst of a good Atlantic gale riding on a king tide. You could probably measure the movement of the beach cobbles with a geophones or a seismometer!

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