Friday, August 19, 2016

Manchester State Park

This is the second of three posts from Manchester in south Kitsap County. Each from a very different kind of beach! Here on Puget Sound, we don't go for that notion of miles and miles of unchanging beach - we'd rather keep people guessing.


The State Park is located just inside the mouth of Rich Passage. It's located near the trace(s) of the east-west Seattle Fault and the upland consists of the terrace raised by movement on the fault. The shore here is basically a small pocket beach, fed by erosion of the low terrace on both sides. The erosion on the west side had begun to threaten the roadway (now a path) and within the last few years an effort was made to protect the low scarp by using anchored logs backfilled by gravel.

It looks to me like there have been some problems - waves have scoured behind the root wads and the path is still vulnerable (just the edge, nothing's going away very fast). This is a tricky site - the wave energy isn't terribly high, but there's little protective beach on this obliquely-oriented, sediment-starved reach, so eroded sediment is rapidly swept farther into the cove.

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