Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I'm just trying to catch up. And this post will do it, although it's already a month old. These photos are from a visit on Father's Day with M - the first time I'd been here in a long time and the first time since the new entrance had been improved.


The Kukutali Preserve (Kiket Island) is co-managed by the Swinomish Tribe and Washington State Parks. And it's a wonderful place for a short hike on a beautiful day. Two tombolos, each side of which is a pocket beach, along with a bunch of smaller beaches scattered along the rocky shore. The tide was low enough so we could walk out to the tip of Flagstaff Island (the upland portion is off limits - this kind of meadow is both fragile and scarce).

For a lot more photos of Kukutali - and a lot more attention to the flora and fauna - check out Dave's Fidalgo Island Crossings blog.

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