Thursday, May 12, 2016

Oak Harbor

The low area that connects most of Oak Harbor to Forbes and Maylor Points may have begun as a tombolo - with a low beach connecting the higher ground at both ends. I don't know what its pre-war history, but during World War II the Navy filled much of this area to create a large seaplane base out of which they flew PBY Catalinas.


Oak Harbor's shoreline configuration seems like it lends itself to beaches (heck, that's what used to be here). There are already some nice ones on the west side of town. Maybe there are also some opportunities here at the east end to enhance beaches in front of the riprap (or replace the riprap with beaches), including this section around the marina. The wave energy is low, so the size of the sediment would be fairly small (so it can still move). I could picture a high tide beach much of the way from downtown around to Maylor Point, where the Navy has already done some beach restoration work in the last few years (a future visit, a future post). With any luck, other folks are already planning this!

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