Sunday, May 08, 2016


Government Pier - the big old fuel pier when this was still a tank farm - came out last year, one of a series of steps to remodel this shoreline on the north side of Point Elliott. The plan in the next few years is to relocate the ferry terminal to this area, with the new dock taking advantage of the deep water right offshore.


The edge is still pretty ragged. I don't mind the buttress of the old pier, but the riprap is a mess (it could probably be steeper and neater, leaving a much nicer beach) and there's an awful lot of asphalt rubble and old plumbing still left. It's pretty common after a structure on the beach is demolished for old debris to keep reemerging - something to keep after.

(There's another ugly section of shoreline farther west, in front of the NMFS Research Station, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that they have a plan to clean that up someday, too!)

I'm looking forward to this beach in a few years, after the ferry terminal is done. It seems like there is an opportunity to create a wonderful beach experience all the way from the old ferry terminal to Edgewater Beach (next post) - the only place the beach really vanishes is at the new ferry terminal itself, but the designs show some sort of walkway above the riprap and through the building.

Mukilteo Multimodal Project

The offset in the shoreline where the old pier was located will be difficult to navigate on the beach -- at least at higher tides - but with some imaginative design work, I think this segment could be made much better.

For a great view of the old pier, check out this drone video:
Mukilteo Government Pier (Kevin S)

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