Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lake Mendota

After a weekend in Madison, I thought some sort of post was in order, although the gray weather, the limited time to explore the shoreline, and the paucity of actual beaches didn't exactly lend itself to exciting content.

Downtown Madison is located on an isthmus between Lake Mendota on the north (this post) and Lake Monona on the south (next post).


These first few photos are from the University of Wisconsin, showing the UW Limnology Lab and the Memorial Union Terrace (being remodeled).

These last two photos are from Burrows Park, in Maple Bluff, on the east end of the lake. I suppose once upon a time the lake's shorelines were heavily forested, but as the trees came down and the shoreline developed, erosion became a problem, and much of the lake is probably hardened.

I guess this year's mild winter led to the lake only being frozen for a couple of months - and it was fully thawed by our late March visit.

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