Tuesday, October 06, 2015

North Kitsap

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to see some of northern Kitsap County from the water. I took plenty of photos on our trip from Indianola north to Foulweather Bluff, but have had trouble figuring out what was interesting enough to post. The real problem is that I prefer to base my entries on a single location and boat trips tend to generate scattered pictures from many different places.

So I'll post a few from some different spots with brief captions. I did something like this from a similar trip several years ago. Kitsap Bluffs: April 2009.

High bluffs in Indianola
Doe Kag Wats - there's a big salt marsh behind that beach
House perched on glacial till at Point Jefferson
Typical bluff top development near President Point

We only saw one beach construction project all day - and it was this
rock revetment being taken out!
Unstable slopes immediately north of Kingston. The shoreline from here north
for several miles is marked by deep-seated landslides
More deep-seated slides - and a nice stretch of natural beach. In the late 1990s,
much of this stretch was geologically active and several development projects failed
The northeast end of Foulweather Bluff, where sliding appears to be occurring
adjacent to some recent development. Note scarps above the bluff right of center.

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