Wednesday, December 31, 2014

English Bay

I've visited this beach many times, but my only previous post shows the beach under somewhat more crowded conditions (August 2008).  Today, there were no crowds, and no fireworks, but the sun came out in the midst of an otherwise drizzly weekend and made sitting in the bar at the Sylvia Hotel particularly nice.


All of Vancouver's beaches are turned to the west, since that's where all of Vancouver's wave energy comes from. This is true of the beaches on both the north and south shores of English Bay, as well as those in West Vancouver.  All of these beaches benefit from promontories, groins, or other structures at their eastern ends that facilitate their more beach-friendly orientation.  I suspect most of them also benefit from the periodic addition of sand brought in from elsewhere.  It's not that there wouldn't have been beaches here naturally, but they wouldn't have looked like these.

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