Thursday, November 06, 2014

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is located on a point on the south side of the lake near town.  It's got a nice swash-aligned beach facing right up the lake on its western shore, It's not completely swash-aligned, as the beach seems to be trying to leak northward past the ramps and the dock and the rock groin at the tip of the point.

The north-facing shoreline is more complicated.  There's a broad beach with a backshore wallow (that's probably not how it's advertised) - maybe a warm water pool for kids to play in during the summer?


The foreshore immediately east of the rock groin at the point is bare of sediment (except for a narrow gravel bar) suggesting that wind waves coming down the lake tend to move sediment towards town.  This also fits with the very steep submerged edge of the fine gravel beach at the east end, where it appears to be spilling off into deeper water.  I guess it would look different during lower lake lake levels later in the year.

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