Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon is the southernmost and the largest of the Humboldt Lagoons.  I was intrigued by the secondary landforms on the inside of the 3.5 mile long barrier.  At each end, there is a series of regularly spaced spits. The ones at the north end are directed northward; the ones at the south end are directed southward. Presumably the direction reflects the fetch within the lagoon.  Regularly-spaced arrangements of spits have been described in places as diverse as the Sea of Azov (Zenkovich) and Nantucket (Rosen). They've probably been described here, too, but I don't have a reference.


The little community at the south end of Big Lagoon appears to have suffered some attrition over the decades, with roads disappearing over the edge of the bluff and older photos showing more houses.

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