Sunday, January 12, 2014

Maury Schwartz

Several times during the spring of 1992, I drove north to link up with Maury Schwartz's coastal class on their field trips.  It was a great introduction to Puget Sound beaches, to Maury's infectious enthusiasm, and to his favorite local bakeries.  I took this photo at Sandy Point on one of those trips.

The more I read of the literature about beaches in those years, the more I became aware of Maury's contributions to the field. It was amazing to have someone of his stature so close by.

What I recall most about my early meetings with Maury up at WWU was his good humor and has commitment to his students.  Maury was first and foremost a teacher.   I may not have been one of his students, but he was one of my best teachers.

At a practical level, Maury was instrumental in educating us all about coastal processes and drift patterns on Puget Sound.  He and his students created a foundation on which we all now stand.

Notes about Maury from:
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