Saturday, October 12, 2013


The next several posts will visit a series of shorelines scattered across the southern end of Vancouver Island, the result of a beach binge during a spur-of-the-moment camping trip last weekend.

Sidney was my first stop after getting off the ferry in Swartz Bay - and was really just for coffee and a Canadian ATM - since my real objective was the coast west of Victoria and Sooke.

This is a simple gravel beach built (by itself or with help, not sure) into a cove between projecting promontories. The promontories are artificial, but they may reflect aspects of the original landscape.  There was a bedrock ledge hidden in the riprap and concrete at the south end of the beach. And the relatively level and low-lying upland of the Sidney area suggests a glacial surface of some sort (probably with a little additional 20th century earth-moving).  This entire area is marked by dozens of small rocky islands, many sporting long spits and barriers that suggest an abundance of glacial sediments.

I'll have to come back up someday and explore more, maybe with the kayak.

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