Thursday, October 24, 2013

March Point

March's Point, or March Point? Either way, it's the peninsula that forms the eastern shoreline of Fidalgo Bay and is home to oil refineries and the piers necessary to unload all that Alaskan crude.

Google Maps:  AERIAL VIEW

It's also the site of one of the more interesting beach nourishment projects on the Sound in the last few years -- interesting in part because of its simplicity. The road follows the edge and erosion had cut away the bank, not only threatening the road, but eliminating the upper beach. This project (which I don't know too much about and will not say too much more about) involved placing gravelly sand along a stretch of beach and largely letting it figure itself out. Which it seems to have done very nicely and very quickly.

Sometime I'll come back and post about this project again - when I have more information and when the weather is more conducive to good photos.  I actually have better photos from previous visits, but I try to build the blog around the photos taken at the time (which in this case was last Thursday).

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