Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pescadero Creek

The long stretch of high bluffs north of Pigeon Point is broken by the mouth of Pescadero Creek. The creek flows through a large estuary and marsh, before cutting across the beach.  I suspect the natural plumbing of this estuary wreaked havoc on efforts to settle the valley, since between the stream flooding and the spit occasionally closing off, water levels must have varied a great deal.  This would have led to a lot of human plumbing - dikes, ditches, dredging, and so forth - which probably just substituted one set of causes and culprits for another!  As in so many places like this, it looks like it will be forever a legal tangle, and I'm sure there are many issues and even more opinions, so I am happy to be a tourist just passing by. Of course, I'd love to come back and explore a little more, too.

Google Maps:  AERIAL VIEW

There was a beautiful spit stretched across the mouth of Tunitas Creek a little farther north.

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