Sunday, July 07, 2013

West Point

At a relatively high tide, walking the beach at West Point below Discovery Park one might be struck by the relief - a steep gravel beach and a much higher and steeper bluff.  But when the tide is 3' below Mean Lower Lowe Water and one walks out to the receding water's edge, the high bluff and the thin strip of gravel sort of fades in the distance.

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These broad sand flats south of West Point are spectacular.  Spring time low tides are often an excuse for bus loads of school children to decimate large populations of vulnerable fauna, but really, the best part of these midday spectacles is walking barefoot through sand and eelgrass on gently rolling sand bars. You feel you could almost walk across the Sound - as long as you ignore the fact that the water is almost 1000' deep between here and Bainbridge Island.

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