Monday, March 25, 2013

The Arroyos

This may be one of Seattle's least known beaches, in part because it is hard to get to. Most of this shoreline is lined with homes, but this large segment of forested bluff remains intact, albeit rising above an ugly riprap revetment.


The story of this site is linked to that of Stimson Bullitt (1919-2009), who built a home nearby. A section of the bluff was donated by the family to the City of Seattle as green space. And last year, a sculpture was commissioned and placed on the site.

The sculpture is Gerard Tsutakawa's Illusion Dweller (2012).  Illusion Dweller is the name of a rock climbing route (5.10b) in Joshua Tree that Bullitt had climbed (at an age that most of us will be happy to be able climb out of bed).

"The loss of illusions, which goes with self-awareness, saves us from some folly while it takes away security and boldness." Stimson Bullitt  (engraved on the base)

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