Monday, March 25, 2013

Southwest Seattle

This post encompasses a longer stretch of shoreline already addressed in the two previous posts and is mainly just an excuse to show the variety of seawalls I encountered on my Sunday afternoon stroll.  Some of this shoreline has been developed for a long time, so some of these structures are very old.  Some reflect recent tweaks to older walls.  And some are relatively new replacements of bulkheads built decades earlier.

There is one common theme to all of these pictures.  The upper beach - the part that we walk on at higher tides and relax on in nice weather - is gone. No dune grass. No drift logs. No madronas or big leaf maples hanging out over the beach, creating shade or a place to tie a swing. The walls, and the reclaimed land behind them, have created beachfront property while at the same time eliminating the beach!   


Dave Wenning said...

The first one is downright hostile!

Anonymous said...

If they'd kept the dune grass, they'd still have the beach.