Saturday, May 05, 2012

Cama Beach

I think there will be two posts from this morning's visit to Cama Beach, one on the landslide and one on the stream south of the resort.

The slide hasn't expanded significantly in the last month.  The sandy layer beneath the till on the headwall has continued to erode and there is now a large overhang.  I also think that there has been continued downhill movement of the debris in the gully itself.  From a fairly cursory comparison with earlier photos, it looks like the debris pile has settled somewhat, perhaps as the material at the toe has been eroded by waves.

Previous posts on the slide:
 March 17, March 7

There's been plenty of rain the last few days, including last night, and plenty of water was cascading over the rim and flowing down to the beach.  At least when it's flowing, this may be as important, or more important, than waves in eroding the landslide material.  The stream location hasn't changed - it's still flowing out on the north side of the debris-choked gully.  The beach to the north still shows fresh sand deposition, although it's not like there's a huge thickness of new material once you get away from the slide itself.  There is a lot of very soft sand on the lower beach (the tide during these pictures was around -2' MLLW) and it seems to extend in both directions from the slide area.

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