Friday, November 11, 2011

West Beach

It's nice when storms come on weekends and state holidays - that way I don't sit in the office wishing I were on the beach.  I just go.  I headed for Whidbey via the northern route, figuring I could follow the afternoon's high tide and the shifting winds down the island.  Deception Pass was quiet, as was Ala Spit on the northeast side of the island, and I was tempted to question the wisdom of the forecasts, but I arrived at West Beach to find the wind coming out of the west - furiously.

Cliff Mass's discussion of today's windstorm

(located just west of this beach, I was there just before the peak)

The tide wasn't terribly high.  If the water had been 1-2 feet higher, which it could easily have been, this storm would have caused a lot more damage.  As it was, the wave runup only occasionally reached the bluff toe and we weren't even close to having logs washed over the road.

Swantown, April 2006 (earlier post on Gravel Beach)



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