Saturday, October 29, 2011


The last time I visited this site was on a dreary August morning two summers ago.  Today's October sunshine was a great improvement.

This is the Olympic Village site at the southeast corner of False Creek, Vancouver's urban ex-estuary.  The mud flats, fringing salt marsh, and small streams have all given way to a heavily developed, and redeveloped, landscape with a steep, hardened edge. There is a longer discussion of this site in the earlier post: 

False Creek:  August 2010

Several of us got a great tour of the area on the eve of the Salish Sea Conference.  The upland development is a world class green development with sophisticated water re-use, energy efficiencies, stormwater systems, and careful choices of buildings materials.  The shoreline is a little less green than the buildings, but there are still many ecological enhancements, including the habitat island and the stream/wetland in the park that manages stormwater.

And of course, like so much of Vancouver's shoreline, the edge is a very public and a very accessible one.

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