Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bush Point

Bush Point is a cuspate foreland, a low triangular point protruding west into Admiralty Inlet on the west side of Whidbey Island (see LOCATION below). It formed where wave action from both north and south conspired to accumulate sediment.  Waves are more prevalent from the south, but can also be significant from the north.  Perhaps just as importantly, the landform itself shelters the coast north of the point from the southerlies, giving the northerlies an additional advantage.  As the point grew, it secured its own future, drawing sediment to itself from both directions.

The shoreline north of Bush Point consists of high bluffs and several very large landslides, some more recently active than others. A small chunk slid last spring, taking out part of Susana Drive, but it was small compared to the much larger dormant slide that extends to the north.  Looking north from Bush Point, it looks like there was plenty of movement last winter and if this fall is wet, the story may not be over.

I suppose whatever comes down the hill will end up on the Bush Point boat ramp a year or two from now.

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