Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eagle Cove

If you take a rocky coastline and add a little sand and gravel, you'll get pocket beaches and there are no shortage of them here on the south end of San Juan Island. I knew this one existed, but didn't know you could actually get to it without owning it, until I found the little public access and parking area amidst the Sunset Magazine centerfolds.

The beach is only a few hundred feet long, it's sand and gravel isolated from every other beach in the world by rocky headlands and deep water. The gravel stays high, piled in steep berms and buried under drift logs. The sand forms a rippled terrace in the lower intertidal.


amac said...

wow, havent visited the blog lately and there is so much i have missed.
i recognize a few of these from the PB mapping. great pics -esp of south beach. As for FH lab - what incredibly small setbacks! They should set a president for retreat and start some experimental restoration of that riprap covered beach. Thanks Hugh!

Sarah said...

Love the ripples photo and the rock-carved wood!