Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sequalitchew Creek

Sequalitchew Creek is trapped in a narrow ravine between the former Dupont munitions plant (now Northwest Landing, a large planned development, and its golf course) and the big still-operating gravel pit to the north. The original Fort Nisqually (established in 1833 by the Hudson's Bay Company and the first European settlement in Washington) was located on this creek.

The creek empties into the Sound just north of the Nisqually Delta through a small estuary, or at least it did prior to the Northern Pacific building a railroad along this shoreline in the late 1800s. The creek now reaches the beach through a small box culvert below the mainline from Seattle to Portland. A small marsh remains trapped in the valley above the railroad embankment.

A narrow gauge rail line used to serve the munitions plant, running down the ravine, passing under the mainline, and out to a pier (long unused, but only recently removed). You can walk down the old grade to the marsh, through the short tunnel, and then emerge suddenly, and spectacularly, at the beach and the Sound.

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Patrick S said...

Be sure to check out as things may change around the creek and beach.

The UPRR originally had a wooden bridge at the mouth of the creek and then for some reason years later they removed the bridge and build the earthen bridge/dam.

The Powder Works wharf was removed in 2002 and was a long time hot spot for kids and for some reason people attempting to set fire to it. :)