Monday, August 30, 2010

Herring Cove

Campobello Island is in New Brunswick, across a short bridge and a narrow channel from Lubec, Maine. Herring Cove is on the south side of the island, just across the hill from the Roosevelt Cottage (so FDR probably new this beach well).

The tide range here at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy is high (25 feet or so) and the tide this morning was pretty low, so the beach was impressively wide! Behind the low dunes, there is a coastal lake that must, at least some of the time, drain out the east end of this beach, but today the channel was dry and only a little bit of water was seeping out of the lower beach face.

The fishermen were preparing their nets for seining, so I guess the name Herring Cove remains appropriate.

There are more pictures of Campobello, and of the rest of this long weekend in Maine, at my hshipman blog.

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