Saturday, May 01, 2010

Duwamish River

I probably get glimpses of the Duwamish pretty much every week, usually at 55 mph on the way to or from a meeting south of Seattle, but I rarely get a chance to explore. On the other hand, doing so isn't too difficult, since all these shots are taken within a stone's throw of either 99 or I-5. They include the river flowing under the interstate, the river in front of the Tukwila Community Center, and several shots from North Winds Wier, where a large restoration project has recently been done (but where some more work clearly still needs to happen).

The Duwamish is an interesting river with a complex geologic history, especially if you include its major replumbing in the early 20th century.

Last March, I posted some photos from South Park, a little farther down the river:
Duwamish River (March, 2009)

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