Saturday, March 06, 2010

Maple Point

Maple Point (I think I've seen it labeled Indian Point on some maps) is a small barrier - a recurved spit or cuspate foreland - located at the western corner of Scatchet Head (title of blog post links to the map view).

There is a complex series of intertidal berms and swales west of the point - maybe evidence of the spit's prehistory. There was no obvious depression or wetland behind the berm, but there were small dunes, which are unusual on these features - either due to insufficient sand and wind, or because they are so quickly destroyed by human activity. The clam shell on the storm berms on the north side was largely intact - a good indicator of the lack of human trampling.

What an amazing location! It is a wide place in the beach, isolated by high bluffs and remoteness, yet it feels like it's right in the middle of the Sound. The view includes the Cascades, Mount Rainer the Seattle skyline, the Olympics, Double Bluff, and of course the high bluffs north toward Maxwelton.

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