Sunday, January 10, 2010

Point Robinson

Point Robinson is a cuspate foreland, gathering sediment from both the northern and southern shores of Maury Island, although I suspect it receives far more from the southern side (more wave energy and more gravel). It doesn't look like the point is accreting very rapidly these days, suggesting that most of the gravel is moving past and winding up in deep water offshore.

As local bumper stickers remind us, Maury Island is more than just gravel. Yes, but gravel sure explains the geology, the beaches, and much of the island's history! The southeastern shore of the island is pot-marked with large divots, the relics of early 20th century gravel operations. One has become the largest residential development along this side of the island. One is a King County Park. None are currently being mined, but one is slated to be reopened and has become one of the most controversial shoreline sites on Puget Sound.

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